The Devastating Effects of Debt Parking

Debt Parking Credit Score

How Debt Parking Works Debt Parking (aka: “passive debt collection”) – the practice of posting perceived debt on a persons’ credit report without first attempting to inform them about the debt. In many cases it’s a completely fraudulent charge that pressures a percentage of consumers … Read more

What is Good Debt vs. Bad Debt?

Good vs Bad Debt

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt Even though student loans and mortgage debts are generally deemed an “investment” in one’s future and therefore good causes of debt, other forms of debt such as credit card debt or medical bills debt are regarding as bad debt types.  The … Read more

The Best Debt Relief Companies

Best Debt Relief Companies - Calling on Phone

There’s a lot of options for people in debt – none are good, and there’s a lot of shady companies in the space. They’ll tell you what you want to hear, and only tell you the benefits instead of laying out the downsides (i.e. it … Read more

Help a Family Member With Debt

How To Help Family Member With Debt

How To Help a Family Member With Debt People get themselves into debt for all sorts of reasons: unexpected medical bills, college tuition, or expensive home maintenance costs. Owing a lot of money can lead to stressful times and it can be just as bad … Read more

Best Ways To Consolidate Credit Card Debt

Woman Consolidating Credit Card Debt

Ways To Consolidate Credit Card Debt For those deep in credit card debt, a consolidation loan is the best DIY way to consolidate loans with high interest. And best of all they don’t require a third party. There might be a balance transfer fee or … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt

Woman looking stressed on laptop

Are you looking to get rid of credit card debt fast? With or without income financial debt can be stressful. Here’s our checklist for 6 steps you can take to pay off your debt.

Can I Negotiate My Credit Card Debt?

Woman worried about credit card debt

Can I Negotiate My Credit Card Debt Down Believe it or not, credit card companies don’t want to hire a debt collector or sue you for the amount you owe. It’s a hassle for them, and costs money. For those deep in credit card debt … Read more

How To Get Out Of Debt

Credit cards and cash

Living with debt is a lot like managing your weight. For most consumers, it happens for the best of reasons, like buying a home or paying for college. And sometimes it happens for the worst of reasons, like getting laid off from your job, or a serious illness. … Read more