About Us

The 1-855-JET-DEBT website is for every day consumers struggling to pay off credit card debt.

We’re here to help every day consumers get a handle on their personal finances. Our articles include everything that’s related to personal finance – tips on how to get out of debt fast, managing finances, setting a budget, & consolidating loans.

Our specialty is on how to manage credit card debt and lay out options to help you get out of debt fast. We also provide guidance on student loan debt, tax debt, mortgage rates, and other debt obligations.

We want our readers to assess all the options before making a decision.

At 1-855-Jet-Debt we understand how hard it is for people to reach out for help when struggling to make ends meet. Costly late fees, penalties, and interest expenses can make it hard for anyone to keep their head above water. Thankfully, through our expert credit counseling services, we can help determine the best course of action for your situation, so that you can finally eliminate your debt without damaging your quality of life.

Personal finance is a skill, just like any other life skill.

On our website we’ll include all of the following:

  • Better ways to shop and save money.
  • Cutting back on expenses.
  • Creating a weekly or monthly budget planner.
  • Lowering fees and APR interest rates.
  • How to prioritize paying off debt.

1-855-JET-DEBT is more than just a blog too.

We want to help you find the best option for your debt, whether that be consolidation, relief, payment restructuring, or even bankruptcy. Our guides lay out options and risks associated.

These are the six values we believe in:

  1. Providing the best options for managing your debt and personal finances.
  2. An honest assessment of the pros and cons of debt repayment options.
  3. Fairness, transparency, and accountability from all of our debt providers.
  4. Timely tips, advice, and guidance on managing your credit “portfolio”.
  5. Longterm financial independence, free from financial debt.
  6. Providing a place for like-minded consumers to band together and share their experiences.

All for one and one for all!

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